Thursday, March 20, 2008

"I am not getting anything out of the meeting. I am learning nothing. Because ... this field is not an active one, so few of the best men are doing work in it. The result is that there are are hosts of dopes here ... and ... such inane things are said and seriously discussed that I get into an argument ... whenever anyone ... starts to tell me about his "work".

The "work" is always:
(1) completely un-understandable,
(2) vague and indefinite,
(3) something correct that is obvious and self-evident, but worked out by a long and difficult analysis, and presented as an important discovery,
(4) a claim based on the stupidity of th eauthor that some obvious and correct fact, accepted and checked for years, is, infact, false,
(5) an attempt to do something probablyimpossible, but certainly of no utility, which it is finally revealed in the end, fails, or
(6) plain wrong"

Richard P Feynman
in, What do you care what other people think?

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