Thursday, August 11, 2005

Two theories have gained some acceptance amongst modern scholars.

One is the spirit theory of religion, the other the evolution of the idea of the Infinite. ...that religion originates in the personification of the power of nature.

One party maintains that ancestor worship is the beginning of religious ideas;
Man wants to keep up the memory of his dead relatives and thinks they are living even when the body is dissolved, and he wants to place food for them and, in a certain sense, to worship them. Out of that came the growth we call religion.

Swami Vivekanada
Lecture in London


Sheece said...

and what's ur theory or what do you believe in?

(Have been around. blog more often on than on blogspot, a bit difficult to keep both updated, my email id is, just in case you think I have gone missing.)

I like your blog, it's like a scrap book of great writings. Some day i will print it out and keep with me - God-willing.

neha said...

thank you :)

death or nature; which one appeals to me? what do i worship? fear or love, what is worship based on?

difficult question. frankly, i dont know.

you tell me? did you read the whole article? how about thin red line? any luck with that?

Synn said...

Hi, I saw your message in my blog. Most of my articles are written in Chinese.
Some articles in your blog are also difficult for me due to my poor English. But I'll try to understand them.

I'm a PhD student in Communications Engineering. Are you also a PhD student?
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Nice to meet you.

neha said...

nah synn, cant understand chinese at all!
yeah lovley meeting you!

Puneet said...
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