Sunday, September 11, 2005

We learn language by tradition, the traditional concepts form our way of thinking about problems and determine our questions.

When the experiments of Lord Rutherford suggested that the atom consists of a nucleus surrounded by eletrons, one could not help asking: what is the location or the motion of the electrons in these outer parts of the atom? What are the electronic orbits? Or when one observed events on very distant stars, it was only sensible to ask: are these two events simultaneous or not?

To realise that such questions have no meaning is a very difficult and painful process.

It should not be belittled by the word prejudice

Werner Heisenberg
Tradition in Science

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neha said...

A good book, must read - 'The part and the whole' by Heisenberg.
links -

Edit - it is called 'physics and beyond' in english, the original being in german.