Saturday, December 03, 2005

In every story, since goodness triumphs in the end, there is no tragedy in the Greek sense; curtain never comes down finally on corpses strewn about the stage. The sufferings of the meek and the saintly are temporary, even as the triumph of the demon is; everyone knows that. Everything is bound to come out right in the end; if not immediately, at least in a thousand or ten thousand years; if not in this world, at least in the other worlds.

Over the enormous expanse of time and space events fall into proper perspective. ... The strong man of evil continues to be reckless until he is destroyed by the tempo of his own misdeeds. Evil has in it, buried subtly, the infallable seeds of its own destruction. And however frightening a demon might seem, his doom is implied in his own evil propensities - a profoundly happy and sustaining philosophy which unfailingly appeals to our people, who never question, "How long, oh, how long, must we wait to see teh downfall of evil?"

R K Narayan
The World of the Storytellers,
Gods, Demons and Others

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