Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mr. A's answer is so dumb, that if i ever killed myself i will leave this as a note. (the idea to use this as suicide note is also not original, btw)


Reluctant Warrior said...

Matrix Revolutions is actually about Free Will! That was the underlying idea of the movie.

That is the big differentiator between humans and machines (which symbolises god if you dig deeper in matrix philosophy).

n said...

Yes, but free-will doesn't mean that you mustn't kill yourself either.

free-will is a tool, it allows you to make any choice - without giving you a reason for making either one of them.

if it was only free-will, then to kill yourself and not to kill yourself are equally valid choices, don't you think? (but they are not really equal choices, are they?)

PS: only saw your comment today!

n said...

more thoughts:
fascinating the idea of free will as god. the more I think about it, any other god would fall short... so in which case, to die or not to die - doesn't really matter doesn't it?

i suspect that it is not an unkind world, but i have my biases... ;)