Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Swami Chinmayanandaji's thought for the day:
The most perfect characteristic in an eminently successful life seems to be integrity - an inflexible, undaunted, firm integrity. And,  also, it seems that everyone who has cultivated this trait has drawn from it many an unseen and personal advantage over others who are striving in the same field of achievement.
The nobility of integrity is not merely in its honour, sincerity, our honesty in action, but it is rooted deeper in its quality and beauty of one's intentions. If the spring of our every thought is pure and if we have the heroism to live unfailingly ever true to the great ideals in ourselves, however impractical and utopian they may be, even inspite of all immediate failures, we still have cultivated integrity.
The personality in us, thereafter, with glowing poise unfolds, and at each apparent failure, with each insurmountable obstacle met, in each moment of social criticism faced, and from all empty laughter of pithless ridicule endured, we come to steel our nobility and reinforce our determination to live the honourable life consistent with our ideals and our goals.
Such individuals alone are evolvers, all others are mere adapters - at every turn compromising with circumstances adjusting to the changing patterns of challenges. They may struggle on, as hapless slaves to their habits, but never can they come to dominate the outer field and command the world to march to the appointed Goal or end, chosen by their own vision and will. Only a person of integrity has this power over life and it's happenings. Naturally,  then, integrity is the essential core of all eminently successful life.

Book - We Must

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