Thursday, June 30, 2005

I could see that, if not actually disgruntled, he was far from being gruntled.

The Code of the Woosters
PG Wodehouse


Sheece said...

good to know u have also read wodehouse... (one of my fav) u seem to be very well read.

it would be nice to meet you over coffee and talk abt the books u have read. btw i tried seeing thin red line today... it has 3 CDs and an extremely slow pace. i was a bit tired and prob not in the best of states to see the movie. i fell asleep, will try again soon.

neha said...

Hi Sheece,

LOL, did you fall asleep? Oh my God! I was trying to watch Lakshya in the library and that didnt work, so I picked this one up at random. I would easily call it my best random acts ever!! Just loved the movie - but I havent been able to convince aybody else to see it. Some find it too violent and others too slow :)

Yeah would have liked coffee but I'm in Melbourne and you are in Bombay. If you ever come this side, let me know!!

Sheece said...

i like slow violent movies. :) do i sound like a masochist? hahaha.

in fact someone has gifted me tht movie saying i will like it. so u must not yet give up on me on watching the movie.

Coffee in Melbourne... reminds me of the Nescafe commerical. Inshallah will look u up if I get to Melbourne (very unlikely) or u can if u come to Bombay.

neha said...

you like slow violent movies? like what?

nah, i wouldnt give up on you watching the movie... infact would enjoy listening to what you have to say about it!