Thursday, April 13, 2006

Every object in the world has two types of properties:
(a) the essential, and
(b) the non essential.

A substance can remain itself, intact, when its "non-essential" qualities are absent, but it cannot remain ever for a split moment without its "essential" property.

The color of the flame, the length and the width of the tongues of flame, are all the "non-essential" properties of fire, but the essential property of it is 'heat.'

The essential property of a substance is called its Dharma .

What exactly then is the Dharma of man?

The color of the skin, the inumerable endless varities of emotions and thoughts - the nature, the conditions and the capacities of the body, mind and the intellect - are the "non-essential" factors in the human personality, as against the Touch of Life, the Devine Conciousness, expressed thru them all. is the truth which is the basis of existence. Therefore, the "essential Dharma" of man is the Devine Spark of Existence, the Infinite Lord.

In and thru such actions, physical, mental and intellectual, a man will bring forth the expression of his true Dharma - his Divine Status as the All-pervading Self.

To live truely as the Atman (roughly, the Spirit/Life in us - neha), and to express Its Infinite Perfection thru all our actions and in all our contacts with the outer (physical, manifested - neha) world is to rediscover our Dharma.

Swami Chinmayananada
shlok 66, chapter 18
of the Bhagvad Geeta


Anonymous said...

good luck with that.. even taking the very first step drives you nuts at times, doesnt it ? :) .... stumbled on your blog when i googled for "chinmayananda" and "pritish nandy" (ref. interview)...

neha said...

oh the lesser i say about that topic the better.

yeah nice intereview isnt it? you might like company of the good link on left.

Anonymous said...

had read that link sometime back. ...yours truly is a grad student who wastes too much time in front of a comp :)) .. which is not the way one is supposed to work, par kya karen !

Anonymous said...

enjoy !

neha said...

hi anon,

wont care to leave a name or better still a blog address? :D

nah too much time in front of the comp doesnt work, need to find that thin line and then tread on it - but what's the big deal, why hurry? as long as we are all ready to take the consequences of our... time in front of the screen.

thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

hi neha,

does my name really matter ?? why is someone like you, who seeks the oneness in many, even bothered with such trifles ? :))

see the whole point is, whats the use of all the knowledge in the world, if it doesnt influence the way you live.. whats irritating is not the consequences of time infront of the screen, but the fact that the mind does not want to do what the conscience says... :) im working on it, but it still drives me nuts !!

for what its worth, siddhartha is one the finest books i've read .. try 'zen and the art of motorcycle maintainence' if you havent yet

neha said...

hi anon,
hmm, i am comfortable with your not mentioning your name - i know you come from vt uni :D and you mentioned earlier that you do comp science. only i cant visit your blog and comment on it; but peace - i am ok with it.

yeah, i came across zataomm as a kid, needless to say didnt understand a word of it - used to read it to blank my mind :D think i should revisit it.

also read a bit of siddhartha, so far - nice.

conscience, i wonder what exactly do you mean by that word. the part of you that makes plans for a happier future? anyways, an unruly mind is hardly anybody's friend.

"Undoubtedly, O mighty-armed, the mind is difficult to control and is restless; but, by practice, O Son of Kunti, and by dispassion it is restrained."

Anonymous said...

hi neha,

by conscience i meant that little voice inside you which sees things objectively, and speaks up when your mind/actions are not in harmony with it (well atleast i have one, dont know abt you ;) ) .. which philosophers, i think, call the intellect ...

control in the sense of supressing the mind is a dangerous thing.. the only control that really works (not that i'm able to do it all the time), is to step back and observe dispassionately that which it seeks .. but anyway, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so to speak .. hopefully, in time, a day will come when there is complete harmony..


ps. so you record IP's of comments, big deal :D ..even i can guess youre somewhere on the western rim of the pacific .. btw its aerospace, not CS.. and i dont write a blog, though i sometimes post snaps

neha said...

hi brijesh,

there is a counter at the bottom of the page, thought that (that ip was being tracked) was obvious. and aerospace? ahhan. i am in melbourne, australia.

ummm, controling the mind - exactly what is meant by it, why to do it and how to do it - it took people greater than me to comment on that. i'll leave it to them.

anyway, i dont see us disagreeing anyway - so there is little to say except, ummm.

take care,