Thursday, August 04, 2005

...They both allege various problematic ideological contradictions with the discrepancy between Judas' actions and his eternal punishment.

* *If Jesus foresees Judas' betrayal then Judas has no free will, and cannot avoid betraying Jesus. If Judas can not control his betrayal of Jesus, then his punishment and portrayal as a traitor in western culture is undeserved.

* *If Judas is sent to the Hell for his betrayal, and his betrayal was a necessary step in the humanity-saving death of Jesus Christ, then Judas is being punished for saving humanity.

* *If Jesus only suffered while dying on the cross, and then ascended into the Heaven, while Judas must suffer for eternity in the Hell, then Judas has suffered much more for the sins of humanity than Jesus, and his role in the Atonement is that much more significant.

The Bible also states that on the cross Christ forgave those that had contributed to his death, saying that they "know not what they do." However Judas seems to have not been included in this pardon.


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Anonymous said...

all this is as per the church :)) not jesus himself ! (no, im not a christian !)