Friday, April 14, 2006


Well, it seems i have finally got down to writing my own words up here. I think that is because I am talking to you, and I can't use anyone else's words when I am talking to you.
(I know more about you, so this seems really eeire. I think I know what that guy in 'to kill a mocking bird' felt.)

Anyway, I have a thesis to submit. It is due in July, and as much as I love coming to blogs and reading them and commenting on them, I'll have to stop. Thanks for all the lovely time I have had reading your ideas, poems, ramblings. Thanks for commenting, (which honestly wasnt much!!)

But for now, I have to go, I cannot afford to be distracted (and I do get very distracted). My wonderful authors, I will miss you and will be back in late July, early August.

Hope you do well till then.


p.s: do read calvin and hobbes. :)


Arz000n said...

to kill a mocking bird
I still hafta read this novel...

Oh you on a break haan....
Good luck for your thesis!!

Greetz :)

Blogagaard said...

Far thee well, Neha.

PS. Are you aware Calvin and Hobbes is no longer a current comic strip? That it ended, say, when I was still in high school? I have all the collections, though...

Herbach said...

What is this thesis, Neha?

I wish you great luck in the writing thereof. I will miss very much the new idea you dished out each day. I suppose they were not new ideas. Old ideas, many. Okay... many many things I hadn't thought of in the terms in which they were set out. Thank you for providing frame after frame through which to view the world. I look forward to your return. Keep in touch!

by July or August I will again have my own high powered internet service that will allow me to read your page several times a day, which has been my habit.

Something dirty said...

you are missed already. I will be reading the archives and stuff til you come back.

neha said...

Hi! (I'm in for a moment)

I am absolutely tired of doing my thesis stuff. Wish I could say it is all done, it is not.

Thanks for the lovely comment, SD. Missed all of you quite a lot too.

Some #@$#$#%^#$#$@#$@$#^%#$%#$%#$%#$%#^#%^%#%%$#$%#$% thesis, captain. and i wish i knew. last time i saw you were posting in japanese, is it true - or have i simply lost my mind - or both.

umm, yeah days post this post (he he) i found that c&h were BBBIIIIGGGG in US - and maybe else where (is that why noone ever said much about my links!!), but i stumbled on it last year - dont know how. that last post was the first one i saw (quite lame as a first post to read). anyway...

arzoon, that is a good book - worth a read. thankfully there is no sequel either :)

Hyde said...

So you are back? :-)

neha said...

so it seems :)

thanks for dropping by.