Tuesday, October 10, 2006

'Discipline of life is more precious than life itself, for it is out of that discipline that life derives value. One may study many philosophies and clear his doubts but it is the well-regulated life that ultimately avails and nothing else. Therefore, guard it whatever may be the difficulty involved.

The well-regulated life ennobles every rank of life. Where this fails, good or noble parentage will not save the man.

The Brahmin can read again what he has forgotten of the scriptures and make up for lost memory. But if he neglects regulation of life he forfeits for ever the advantage of his birth.

A well-regulated life brings honour. Neglect of it will lead to utter disgrace.

The learned really betray ignorance when in spite of their learning they fail to regulate their lives in accordance with the principle of co-operation.

quoted by Swami Budhananda
in Vedanta Kesri

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