Monday, October 02, 2006

Even when they are all dancing around, Krishna, the spiritual Truth, remains but motionless in the centre of the ring of the dancing crowd, untouched by the Gopi-s moving in their ecstatic trance. The devinely sweet maidens of Vraja dance in thrilled estacy because of the maddening music of the Flute-bearer who, by His breath, draws out the 'melody of existence.' To identify ourselves with the Centre is to be the master of the situation; to play among the whirls of dancers is to suffer the fatigue and exhaustion, the thrills and sorrows of the milkmaids of Vrndavan. This is Rasa-krida.

in foot-note to shlok17,
Chapter 18,
Bhagavad Gita

Swami Chinmayananda


Anonymous said...

16, not 17, if you look carefully.. not that it matters in the least :) .. but someone doing a phd should know the pitfalls of improper referencing :D

neha said...

ha ha. thanks bhai.