Tuesday, October 03, 2006

We dance round in a ring and suppose,
But the Secret sits in the middle and knows.

Robert Frost


Anonymous said...

Gosh, these few words can describe the meaning of life,whoo where did u get this from,?i do not have blog in blogspot have in wordpress st til then i ues u reply on silverstudpearl@rediffmail.com God bless u .

neha said...

hi silverstudpearl (is that what you call yourself?),

i am glad you liked it, tho i can hardly take the credit - must thank Robert Frost for those words. But, the principle... Did you read the post below?

thanks again for the comment :)

neha said...

and god bless you too :)

Hyde said...

Errm... e-mail id please. Mine is hydedward@gmail.com, but you must be knowing it already. ;-)

neha said...

hi hyde,

i just added my email address to the profile. didnt have it there earlier as i wouldnt trust having my email address on a public profile and heaven help us from the avalanche of junk mails! but in google i place my trust ;P
but rediff is quite good with junk mails too - i believe many of my emails never reach me! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi this is silverstudpearl. Well its 5 Years. since my last comment.

My name is Daniel. I live in Singapore!

How abt you?

You could email on the same mail id from my first comment. if u are still using this blog and read this comment!!