Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dear Reader,

I find it a bit fascinating that people generally prefer to read my words (Why say?)than the snippets I select from all over the place. So, perhaps it might be of interest as to why do I update Blinks view.

The reason evolves as the blog evolves, as I evolve - but initially the reason was that I like the sound of words, and i put in words that sounded well (look at the first post on the blog), with or without meaning, without explaining too much -phrases or words that were so much more for being incomplete.

Then there was the other reason, that I did read something that completely blew me over - like the Warner Heisenberg quote about finding answers. There was life before that quote and there was life after that quote...

Thirdly, because I had been thinking about something and wanted to make a note of it, and because I wanted to remember that originality is over-hyped - that what I am thinking has been thought before; and not just what I have been thinking, but also the contrary. Nearly everything has been said before, absolutely everything has to be experienced for one's own self - thru imagination or... thru imagination.

And finally, I sometimes put a quote on the blog as a book mark, to link upto something interesting on the internet. I found there was a pun there, whenever i put a web-link on Blinks View, we-blink. :D

my best wishes,


Reluctant Warrior said...

I have always loved Blink's View for its ability to evoke a thought without evoking two.

I mean, I know nothing of the author or his circumstances or his state of mind when he said those and therefore the simple thought is free of any context which could contaminate it.

Your blog is original because it captures original thought with the reference to the first well known claim to that originality.

Originality gets all the hype that it does because of blatant plagiarism.

Neha said...

Thanks Bhai, thank you for the kind words.

Find your point about context of the quote interesting. Context tells you 'how' we think; quote tells us 'what' we think.